Letter to Lauriston from Bianca Rose, Class of 2021

We spoke to Bianca Rose, a Class of 2021 VCE graduate who has accepted a scholarship place at a University in the US, based on her academic results and talents as a rower. Bianca’s significant contribution to Lauriston since she joined the School community in 2014 includes being Captain of Boats, a member of the Lauriston Eight and she also rowed in the Head of Schoolgirls Regatta. In 2021 she achieved the Service to Lauriston Sport Award (Year 5-12) – Rowing. Bianca immersed herself in the many opportunities available at Lauriston and represented the School in Water Polo, Hockey, Softball and Volleyball and involved herself in Music, Drama, Debating and Wellbeing activities.  

During 2021, I felt very fortunate to have been offered four US university scholarships to Bucknell, Delaware, George Washington and Jacksonville University as a rowing recruit and academic scholar.

It was an incredibly difficult decision sorting through the offers, but I ended up accepting a scholarship position to attend George Washington University in Washington DC. Although they have offered me a January mid-year start, I have decided to begin in the US fall in August as per the US University cycle.

It wasn’t a quick process, in fact it took me 12 months to lay the foundations with the Universities and to constantly communicate with them, sending academic transcripts, updating them on regatta and personal results and scores, and sending videos.

A team effort

Achieving the scholarship was truly a team effort, without which I could not have dreamt of achieving what I have. The quality of the Lauriston education and the dedication of the teaching staff enabled me to achieve the necessary academic results, and I am extremely grateful for their support and their incredible commitment, not only to me but to all students during the 2021 Lockdowns.

I am also eternally grateful to the Lauriston Director of Sport Rob Cooper and Nick, Jack and the coaches from Lauriston’s Rowing Association, for not only the opportunity to lead Lauriston rowing as captain, but for their faith and support in my endeavour to study in the US.

I also owe Susan Just, Lauriston Principal, for her support of Lauriston’s rowing program, which provides girls who express talent in this sport to pursue it to a high level. In addition, the immersion over my schooling in Lauriston’s values of being courageous, nurturing relationships and engagement in life, provided me a solid foundation to pursue and achieve my dream.

Based on my experience, I look forward to being able to offer guidance and be a resource for anyone who has similar ambitions. I was fortunate to have my brother who attends Harvard University show me the way; it is a process which requires time and commitment.  

Bianca Rose, Class of 2021