Winner of Fathers of Lauriston Raffle Announced

The Centurion Club Syndicate was revealed as holders of the winning ticket (#156) for the Fathers of Lauriston Raffle. A very excited Andrew Fast, organiser of the syndicate, was thrilled to receive a call from Principal Susan Just advising of the win.

The raffle was drawn live on Zoom by Principal Susan Just with 43 ticket holders and other members of the Lauriston community joining in to watch the much-anticipated draw.

When asked about his reaction to winning the prized collection of 20 consecutive years of Penfolds’ world-renowned Grange Hermitage (vintages 1997 to 2016 inclusive), Andrew said “That’s fantastic! I’m sure we’re all going to enjoy those bottles in lockdown!”  He also thanked the Fathers of Lauriston committee for their efforts and putting the prize together.

Richard Miller spoke on behalf of the Fathers of Lauriston committee. “The Fathers of Lauriston is a mechanism for fathers to get to know one another, to create deeper connections with the school and hopefully as a result build deeper connections with their daughters. We also support the LPA and School by organising events and volunteering.”

Although the committee is disappointed the annual dinner has been postponed, work is underway to secure a new date for the event.  

Sam Hunt, representing the Lauriston Foundation Board, thanked everyone for their support of the raffle. “Of the 300 tickets available, 241 were sold – a terrific result given the impact of restrictions. All profits from the raffle will be used to purchase new weights and conditioning equipment for Lauriston’s new sports facilities.”

Sam also thanked Hugh Cattermole and Kyp Bosci for their efforts in sourcing the various vintages that made up the prize.

Fathers of Lauriston Grange Raffle VCGLR Permit 10233/21