Tuition fees are paid one instalment in advance. The first instalment is paid in the year prior to entry to the School. Thereafter four instalments are paid each calendar year other than the final year when only three instalments are paid.

Please note: the fees listed below apply to local students. For international fees please click here.

2021 Fees

Student Year Level Tuition Fee Per Annum

Tuition Fee Per Instalment

3 Year Old Kindergarten
2 full days $9,100 $2,275
3 full days $13,640 $3,410
4 Year Old Kindergarten
4 full days $19,140 $4,785
Prep $24,280 $6,070
Year 1 $24,280 $6,070
Year 2 $24,280 $6,070
Year 3 $29,200 $7,300
Year 4 $30,600 $7,650
Year 5 $30,600 $7,650
Year 6 $30,600 $7,650
Year 7 $34,880 $8,720
Year 8 $34,880 $8,720
Year 9 $35,280 $8,820
Year 9 HRAC* $28,400 $7,100
Year 10 $36,840 $9,210
Year 11 $36,840 $9,210
Year 12 $36,840 $9,210

 *HRAC: Howqua Residential and Activities Charge

The document below contains full details of the 2021 tuition fees, payment schedules and terms and conditions.

The School operates on a not for profit basis and a proportion of the fees charged may be used to support the operation of the Early Learning Centre (including 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten programs).

2021 Fee Schedule

Other Expenses

Camps & Other Curriculum Enrichment Programs

Year level camps are charged to the account holder. Optional camps/activities are advised in advance and charged separately.

Optional curriculum enrichment programs and fees are listed in detail in the Co-Curricular Handbook, which you can download from the handbooks page here.


The booklist can be viewed online at Booklists for the upcoming year are made available from December 1.


All new students will need to make an appointment with the Uniform Shop before commencement. For more information, including opening times, visit the Lauriston Uniform Shop page. Second-hand uniform items can also be purchased from the Lauriston Parents' Association Second Hand Uniform Shop.


  • Students entering Prep–Year 4 will receive a loan device from the School

  • Students entering years 5–12 will need to purchase a notebook computer as recommended by Lauriston; computers can be purchased through the IT department


How to Apply

For information on how to enrol your child at Lauriston: