Gifts in Wills


Have you ever considered how you’d like to be remembered? It’s a profound question that touches upon the essence of our impact on the world. At Lauriston, we believe in leaving a legacy that transcends our time here, one that echoes in the lives of others long after we’re gone.

Leaving a Bequest or planned gift to Lauriston isn’t just about supporting our school, it’s about nurturing the values of community, excellence and compassion that define us. It’s about investing in the future of education and ensuring that every student who walks through our doors has the opportunity to thrive.

Imagine the joy of knowing that your contribution has helped shape the minds and hearts of future generations, empowering them to make a difference in the world, Whether it’s through enhancing educational resources, supporting innovative programs such as Howqua, or providing scholarships to deserving students, your gift has the power to transform lives.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind. By including Lauriston as a beneficiary in your Will, you’re not only securing the future of our school, but you’re also creating a lasting imprint of your values and beliefs.

Every gift, no matter the shape or amount, is deeply appreciated and cherished. Together we can make a difference, not just for today, but for the countless tomorrows yet to come.

To learn more about how your gift can make a positive impact here at Lauriston we recommend you watch our bequest impact video.

How to leave a bequest

Thank you for considering a Gift in your Will to Lauriston Girls’ School.

Lauriston welcomes bequests of all sizes. Every bequest is important and will contribute directly to the School’s sustainability and continued provision of exceptional education now, and into the future.

Funding Priorities

Scholarship Fund: 
Your Bequest to the Lauriston Girls’ School Scholarship Fund enables students from various backgrounds to experience an education and achieve their full potential.

Building Fund: 
The quality and scope of Lauriston’s School buildings, and other facilities continue to contribute to how we deliver world-class education to students.

Library Fund: 
Lauriston’s libraries across the campus’ remain a central hub for students to research, learn and interact in purpose built facilities designed to engage.

Lauriston Foundation:
You are also welcome to leave Bequest to The Lauriston Foundation for general purposes.

Will Wording

Below you may find some helpful advice on:

  • how to word your Will
  • the types of gifts you can make
  • the details of who to contact if you require further information or assistance

(Note the ‘X’ marks where your designated amounts of descriptions would be required as appropriate.)

I bequeath to Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale, VIC 3143 the sum of $X
I bequeath to Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale, VIC 3143 the sum of X% of my estate
I bequeath to Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale, VIC 3143 X% of the residue of my estate
I bequeath my X {description of property or asset (s)} to Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale, VIC 3143

‘Free of all charges to Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale, VIC 3143 (ABN  93 250 982 468) to be used to general purposes and the official receipt of Lauriston Girls’ School will be sufficient acknowledgement of having received this gift’

Creating your own Will

If you wish to create your own Will, there are now a number of easy and affordable options online.  Lauriston Girls’ School has partnered with Gathered Here to offer a Will free of charge to our parents, alumni and friends which you may like to consider. 

Whom should I consult to write my will

Lauriston Girls’ School cannot provide legal advice so it is important to consult a Solicitor when writing your will. This will ensure that you observe all the necessary legal requirements so that your estate is appropriately disbursed according to your wishes. From time to time, legal regulations relating to both wills inclusion and exclusion are modified and your solicitor will be able to offer advice on such modifications.

Alternatively as mentioned, Gathered Here, a free online will writing service, has provided Lauriston Girls’ School with the opportunity to write your will for free, with free and unlimited updates of your Will for life. Gathered Here is Australia’s most trusted provider of Online Wills however, when considering your Bequest there is no obligation to utilise this service.

Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle

Once you have decided to leave a bequest to Lauriston Girls’ School, you will be invited to become a member of The Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle. The Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle was established in 2011 to honour benefactors who have chosen to support the School directly through a gift in their Will, and commemorates the legacy of Miss Kirkhope who strongly advocated for the continued growth and progression of girls’ education. 

The Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle of Giving will enable Lauriston to continue to provide an innovative education to young women in a contemporary learning environment. Our current Lauriston students will make their mark just as our past students have done, but they will be working in careers which may not yet have been established. The qualities and skills which they will need to demonstrate have synergies with those which Elizabeth Kirkhope believed were important. We are educating confident young women who have character. They have the ability to collaborate with others, to consider all aspects of a problem and find solutions, and to work their way through moral and intellectual  challenges” (Susan Just)

The current Chair of the Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle is Alix Bradfield, a past Lauriston parent who has been an active member of the school community for nearly 50 years. Alix has served on the school’s Council for twelve years, six as Chair, and has seen a period of great change for Lauriston, including the opening of the Howqua campus in 1993. Her daughter, Sabina, graduated in 1988 and her two granddaughters are also past Lauriston students (Peer Years 2018, 2020 respectively).

Members of The Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle will share a unique bond and be part of a warm caring group of individuals who want to contribute to the future of the school and assist Lauriston continue to be one of Australia’s most prominent schools for girls and young women.

If you are comfortable advising us that you have included Lauriston in your will, please complete and return the Bequest Form. This assists the School in its planning for future developments for the buildings and facilities, scholarships and programs that are vital for sustaining the thriving learning environment for the current and future students.



“A bequest, even a modest one,  can make a difference to the lives of girls in years to come. The precious gift of a Lauriston education, including the Howqua experience, will provide confidence and skills to women who will make significant contributions to our future society.
That gives me a happy feeling of making a difference myself!”

Alix Bradfield

If you have any questions or want further information about planning a gift, please contact Bequests Associate Abby Finn.

Email: Mobile: 0401 378 804