Giving to the scholarship program

An education is a powerful gift, and every girl deserves the opportunity to realise her full potential. As well as offering a Lauriston education, scholarships encourage diversity and academic excellence within our community. The following scholarships are made possible by philanthropic support and are means-tested. Additionally, Lauriston offers General Excellence and Academic Scholarships, which are aimed at widening access to our life-changing education, irrespective of financial means or social circumstances. General Excellence and Academic Scholarships are not funded by philanthropic support. 

The Foundation Scholarship

Established in 2011 with the generous support of our donors, the Foundation Scholarship provides financial assistance to a student who would otherwise be unable to experience a Lauriston education and is means-tested. Awarded based on above-average results achieved in the annual scholarship examination, school reports and an interview, the Foundation Scholarships provide full remission for tuition fees. 

 Currently, thanks to the generosity of donors, we are proud to offer two new means-tested Foundation Scholarships which will provide financial support to students entering Year 7 until graduation in Year 12. As this fund grows, the Foundation aims to extend this offer to four students. 

 These scholarships have been created to support girls who demonstrate intellectual ability, community-mindedness and good character and would not otherwise have the chance to experience the outstanding education and opportunities at Lauriston. This is consistent with Lauriston’s desire to be an inclusive, all-round school that embraces a wide variety of students from varied backgrounds who can add to the vibrancy and strength of our community. 

Your support, no matter the size, will provide students with the opportunity to experience a life-changing education. 

Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship 

This scholarship will be offered to a new student in Years 10 or 11 with an affinity for the Arts who would not otherwise be able to experience a Lauriston education and is means-tested. 

 The availability of this fund depends on our donors’ generosity through our fundraising endeavours. As well as artistic abilities, candidates will be assessed based on above-average results in the annual scholarship examination, school reports and an interview. 

We are currently seeking donations for this scholarship. Your support, no matter the size, will allow us to offer a deserving student the opportunity to experience a life-changing education. 

Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship

This perpetual fund supports a talented all-rounder who would not otherwise have the chance to attend Lauriston and is means-tested.

The scholarship was created by Richard and Annabelle Phillips in memory of Richard’s sister Belinda, a passionate sports advocate, who died tragically with her daughter Olivia in a car accident. Richard and Annabelle’s philosophy is that an educational experience should be a balanced approach with exposure to a range of activities. They see participation in sport as crucial to the development of a young person and playing in a team as a wonderful way to learn teamwork, resilience and persistence. 

 Please note that we are not seeking donations for the Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship.