Alex (OL 2013)

When I reflect on my time at Lauriston, many things made it enjoyable. However, the incredibly supportive environment at Lauriston has probably left the most lasting impression. I will always remember how the teaching staff would constantly go above and beyond to help you to achieve your goals. 

I chose to complete the International Baccalaureate in my final years at Lauriston. I can confidently say that the support from my peers during those two years was invaluable in both my enjoyment of the program and the success I achieved at the end of it. I made lifelong friendships that I know that I will always treasure. 

I cannot reflect back on my time at Lauriston without thinking of Howqua. Howqua was a safe and supportive environment for us to get involved in things we would likely have never done otherwise. Everyone got involved in everything, and I think this taught us the importance of being resilient and self-confident and that we can do anything that we set out minds to. Howqua also encouraged us to ask for help when needed, which I think is something I have greatly benefited from since. 

While at Lauriston, I was also very involved in sports. I had the opportunity to participate in netball, tennis, swimming, and athletics. I found that my involvement in sports helped me balance my studies and instilled good habits as I continued participating in sports during my time at University. 

After graduating from Lauriston, I completed my undergraduate at the University of Melbourne in Biomedicine. I am in my third year of Postgraduate Medicine at the University of Melbourne. This seemed like the natural progression for me; biology was my favourite subject at school, and I received incredible support, advice and counselling in my final years to set myself on my current career path. 

I believe that the experience I had at Lauriston is a testament to the ability that scholarships have to change someone’s life and open up myriad possibilities.