Assoc. Prof Jane Freemantle OAM

Towards social equity  

​​Jane Freemantle (Mason, 1966) joined Lauriston at Kindergarten and later returned as a parent. At that time, Jane became involved with the Foundation and helped to run a successful fundraising campaign to fund the development of the existing swimming pool. 

Thirty years later, Jane joined the Board again in 2018 as the Foundation geared up to run a campaign to refurbish the now outdated swimming pool.   

‘Over the many years since leaving Lauriston, I have learned even more to be grateful for these years which have stood me in such good stead in the good times and in the bad.’ 

Jane, an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health at the University of Melbourne, believes education is one of the most powerful weapons to change the world. It determines life outcomes such as employment, income and social status and strongly predicts attitudes and wellbeing. She hopes her contribution to the Foundation, as a donor and as a Board member, will create a more equitable world