Penny Latham (OL 2012)

For me, my time at Lauriston was about opportunities and challenges. We were always encouraged to participate, contribute to the School community, and pursue our interests. In Years 10-12, the music students would help to organise and perform in the Cabaret Night. This was a great opportunity for us to contribute to the school community by using skills we had developed over our time at school. The Cabaret Night was one of my favourite musical events of the year as we had a lot of agency in shaping the night. 

In terms of challenges, there were major bushfires in my Howqua year, which limited our ability to complete many of the outdoor activities. We had to develop many skills central to the Outdoor Program in a very short time frame. Truthfully, my first hike was a bit of a shock to the system, having never carried my own hike pack before. But the experience enabled me to develop physically, mentally and emotionally — and to build resilience. Even now, when I face new challenges, I remind myself that if I could get through those hikes, I could probably get through anything. 

I completed my VCE at Lauriston, and my favourite subject was music. Studying music in-depth in the last three years of school sparked my interest in pursuing it as a career. After graduating from Lauriston, I completed a Bachelor of Music and Diploma in Languages at the University of Melbourne. After my undergraduate degree, I became interested in teaching. I recently finished the Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne and am now enjoying working as a qualified music teacher. 

I was fortunate to receive a Music Scholarship while I was at Lauriston, and I appreciate the experiences and opportunities it gave me. I believe that receiving this scholarship boosted my confidence as a musician and has significantly shaped my career to date.