Sharon Gu (OL 2012)

When I reflect back on my time at Lauriston, the things I remember the most are the academic opportunities and the friends I made through my involvement with swimming and the music programs. 

At Lauriston, I chose to complete the International Baccalaureate, and although the program is challenging, I always felt supported by my teachers and classmates. We were a group of like-minded girls working towards the same goal, challenging ourselves to achieve our best. 

My involvement in swimming also challenged me to achieve my best. I loved the competitive nature of the sport and being part of the competitions. In fact, my love of swimming continues today – I am a swim squad member and see it as a way of balancing a busy work and study schedule. 

I also have fond memories of my involvement with the symphonic orchestra and band; who would have thought Tuesday night band practice would be so much fun! It was also another opportunity to make new friends and be part of a team working together to create something much bigger than the individual.   

When I graduated from Lauriston, my initial thought was to study medicine. Still, I had a change of heart and decided to study Commerce as I had really enjoyed studying Economics at school. After completing my undergraduate degree, I joined a large professional services firm as part of their graduate program. I have since qualified as a Chartered Accountant and will complete my Chartered Finance Analyst qualification in mid-2019. 

Receiving a scholarship did change the outcome of my education. It gave me the opportunity to attend Lauriston and pursue my interests in academics, sports and music. Of equal importance, it enabled me to develop friendships with some wonderful girls who continue to be a key part of my life beyond school.