Talya Masel

Challenging Gender Bias 

Talya Masel, parent of Sophie Cohen (current student), opera director, and Director of The Humanity Foundation, was one of the first families to understand the importance of this building campaign and the significant impact it will have on the perception of sports for girls at Lauriston. Many girls who study at Lauriston also have brothers studying in other independent Melbourne schools, and Talya can see the difference in the opportunities available to them both. 

Talya believes this project will make the girls feel they are entitled to and capable of achieving greatness in the sports arena. 

‘I give because, in broad terms, giving back is not only one’s duty, but the sense of fulfilment it gives you is second to none. I profoundly believe in the notion of changing the world, one step at a time. My reason for giving to this particular project is that for too long girls have taken backstage – it’s time to be front and centre. If we want to change the place of women, of our girls, then it is us that need to do it. What are you waiting for – if not now, when!?’