Early Learning

About our Kindergarten Programs

Play and laughter feature strongly in our three-year-old and four-year-old Kindergarten programs grounded in the Reggio Emilia philosophy. These vital early learning experiences are provided in a supportive atmosphere where children feel loved, respected and valued.

Our Kindergarten program is delivered across two dedicated Houses: Michael House (three year old) and Niall House (four year old). Both are welcoming places with large indoor and outdoor areas to explore.

Building Project – ELC/Kindergarten

In April 2020, Michael House and Sutherland House (childcare) will move into a new ELC Village next to the oval. Niall House will remain where it is.

Much thought has gone into the design of this temporary home to make it a welcoming and creative learning space.

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In February 2022, there will be much excitement as all of Kindergarten and Sutherland House will move to their new wonderful home at Blairholme ELC, with its refurbished interiors and an extensive play and wonder area. 

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Kindergarten Sessions

Michael House Kindergarten:

  • Two days – Tuesday and Thursday 
  • Three days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Hours of operation are 8.45am–3.00pm. Children must turn 3 years by 31 January in the year of entry.

Niall House Kindergarten:

  • Four days - Monday to Thursday

Hours of operation are 8.45am–3.00pm. Children must turn 4 years by 30 April in the year of entry.

Sutherland House Childcare Centre – for children from six weeks to five years

Lauriston's childcare facility was established in 1991, and currently caters for 48 children on a daily basis. The children are grouped into four different age groups which provide stability, security and stimulation for all children enrolled. The Centre supplies breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for all children. It is closed on public holidays and for three weeks over the Christmas period. For enquiries, please contact Sonia Dibble on 9864 7621.

To help meet the needs of busy families, Lauriston’s Kindergarten programs can be combined with out of school hours’ care.

Focus and Philosophy

Children are curious, eager to learn and love to communicate. Through interaction with people, materials and events in their world, children develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Our Kindergarten is designed to help children learn from and embrace their natural curiosity. Students enjoy an integrated, play-centred program which offers each child the opportunity and the time to play, to discover and explore. They are also encouraged to question and predict, to wonder, to imagine and to dream.

The emphasis is on student-initiated learning. Projects often grow from innocent but enquiring questions such as 'What is a Shadow?', 'What lies under the water?' and 'How do we say thank you?'

This questioning of their surrounding environment is actively encouraged and Kindergarten staff work to build on the natural curiosity inherent in this age group. Students are guided through activities that aim to provide answers. This interaction with people, materials and events helps children develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills alongside pre-numeracy and literacy skills.