Early Learning

‘Childhood is perhaps the most powerful period of our lives. Our experiences form the foundation of what we become, the core of our being – the ability to learn, our sense of ourselves in relation to the world of nature, of people, of things. It is a time for powerful experiences that forever fuels the scientist, the poet, the artist and the imagination within. It is a time that most of us draw on forever for moments of warmth and security.’ Jim Greenman, Early Childhood Educator 

About Lauriston Kindergarten

Play and laughter feature strongly in our three-year-old and four-year-old Kindergarten programs, which are grounded in the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Your child will enjoy many and varied learning experiences from the creative arts (music, movement, drama, visual arts) as well as from our Indigenous and numeracy/literacy programs. 

Our large outdoor environment is a beautiful natural space encouraging creative expression through climbing, block building, gardening, exploration and contemplation.

Children are naturally curious, eager to learn and love to communicate. Through interaction with people, materials and real-life events, our passionate educators help each child develop those foundational physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills alongside pre-numeracy and literacy skills.

These vital early learning experiences are provided in a supportive atmosphere where children feel loved, respected and valued.

For more information, please contact our Admissions Office on 03 9864 7555 or via email at admissions@lauriston.vic.edu.au


Bush kinder program

Current research is overwhelming in the benefits of nature play for children. Nature is a perfectly balanced play space for children, where they can problem-solve, become independent and acquire leadership skills while having uninterrupted periods of time to pursue games of imagination and creativity.

Our Bush Kinder Day is an optional program with limited spaces for our 4-year-old Kindergarten children. It is held every Friday at the Urban Forest which runs between Waverley Road and Dandenong Road. By giving a group of children a natural bush experience we hope to foster a new generation of stewards of the earth who have a deep connection with nature.

Artist in residence program

The process of creating art has many positive effects on a child’s character and wellbeing. Our program promotes confidence, exploration, collaboration, problem-solving and creativity.

The artist in residence program,through an immersive experience of creating art in many forms such as sculpture and illustrationexpands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them and provides different skills for their self-expression and communication. It is a crucial means of uninhibited expressiveness and increases their sense of wonder and curiosity. 


Indigenous program

The early childhood curriculum places emphasis on the need for educators to build cultural competence and explore identity in its many forms. We focus on the people of the Wurundjeri tribe, as they are the people that lived on the land we now occupy. 

We are both fortunate and privileged to be able to welcome Murrindindi into the Kindergarten for one week each year. Murrundindi is the Elder of the Wurundjeri clan from the Healesville area. He spends time with each group of children, sharing stories and the history of his culture, giving them an authentic and meaningful experience. 


Kindergarten and Childcare Programs & Hours

3-year-old Kindergarten 2021 Program

  • Two days – Tuesday and Thursday 
  • Three days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Hours of operation 8.45am–3.00pm.
  • Children must turn 3 years by 31 January in the year of entry.

3-year-old Kindergarten 2022 Program

Option 1:  Three days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Option 2: Three days - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 
Option 3: Three days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Hours of operation 8.45am–3.00pm.
  • Children must turn 3 years by 31 January in the year of entry.

4-year-old Kindergarten

  • Four days – Monday to Thursday
  • Hours of operation 8.45am–3.00pm
  • Children must turn 4 years by 30 April in the year of entry
  • Bush Kinder program offered on Friday

Childcare (Sutherland House)

Lauriston’s childcare facility operates from 7.30am–6.00pm and is eligible for government childcare subsidies. The children are grouped into four different age groups, which provide stability, security and stimulation for all children enrolled.

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided for all children. Sutherland House is closed on public holidays and for three weeks over the Christmas period.

For enquiries and admissions, please contact Sonia Dibble on 03 9864 7621 or email dibbleso@lauriston.vic.edu.au

Team Kids (Before & After Care)

To help meet the needs of busy families, parents can combine their Kindergarten program with our Before & After Care provider, Team Kids

  • Before School Hours: 7.00am–9.00am
  • After School Hours: 3.00pm–6.00pm
  • Holiday Program Hours: 7.00am–6.00pm 




Building Project – New Kindergarten Facilities

To reflect the importance of the early learning years in laying the foundation for the future, we have a building project underway which will re-imagine the learning and play spaces to ensure your children’s learning is supported by the very latest facilities. 

ELC Village pictured below:

ELCVillageRenders crop 2



Blairholme ELC (comprising childcare and Kindergarten) pictured below: 

1 ELC 1