Alumnae Benefits

Any student who has been to school at Lauriston is a Lauriston alum – if you attended Lauriston at one time, then you are a treasured member of our alumnae association.  

Education is so much more than just the qualifications you receive as you reach milestones throughout your life. This growth is all about the lessons you learn, the people you meet, and the relationships you build along the way. So why would you expect to leave all of that behind after you graduate, or leave a school that has been at the forefront of your educational development? 

The Lauriston alumnae network provides long-term value by giving its alumnae the chance to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have left school. Support networks are hard to come by and having a ready-made one full of people with shared experiences, is a luxury that few can afford to turn down. At Lauriston, your connection to its alumnae network can provide you with opportunities that may enrich you for life. 

The Lauriston alumnae network caters to a wide range of opportunities. We can help our alumnae build business connections, organise reunions, and we acknowledge the people that Lauriston produces. The school is genuinely interested in the lives of its constituents, and we love to follow the life adventures of alumnae, throughout the world.  

The Alumnae office at Lauriston is dedicated to facilitating networking events, bringing former Lauriston students together, and encouraging alumnae to support the current student community, as they too prepare to graduate. The Lauriston alumnae network is a valuable resource to all past students, and we look forward to continuing a wonderful connection with you. 

Connect with us

The Alumnae office is supported by the Old Lauristonians’ Association – a wonderful group of Old Lauristonians of varying years, who represent the thousands of Old Lauristonians, worldwide. Lauriston alumnae can connect on LinkedIn and join closed class groups that exist across social media.   

To ensure you receive the Beyond the Fig Tree eNewsletter and the bi-annual magazine, Lauriston Life, you can update your details online at any point.

Catherine McVean is the Alumnae Relations Manager at Lauriston and is dedicated to ensuring our past student community is active, engaged and supported. Catherine truly understands the value of community engagement and the sense of belonging that alumnae connection can bring. To connect with Catherine, email