Influencing the next generation of artists

Hayley Callander (1994)

We recently caught up with alumna Hayley Callander who on hearing that Art teacher David Morrison was retiring, felt she wanted to express her appreciation for the encouragement he gave her, when she was a School. 

“David Morrison shaped me.  He believed in me, understood my unconventional thinking, and encouraged it.  He even let me paint surreal images underneath the art tables! Haha!” 

Hayley is based in Los Angeles and is a set designer and prop master.  Hayley is a spatial thinker with a quirky visual sensibility and versatile skill set.  She has attracted clients from around the world, such as Veuve Clicquot, Nike, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Instagram, to name just a few! Hayley has worked internationally on global advertising campaigns and her extensive experience includes over a decade styling in advertising stills, prop building, costume design, fashion shows, editorial, sets, special effects, and music video clips. 

Hayley often thinks of David and believes that David’s confidence in her ability was fundamental in her courage to be ambitious and to look beyond Australia.  Hayley reflects that David was not a push-over!  During a tumultuous time during her teenage years, even though she sometimes drove him mad, she feels that her art and David’s dedication were two things that held her together.  She is sure he was aware of that.  “An incredibly passionate teacher that I will never forget”.  She is so grateful for his knowledge and humour.  “Not to mention, she says, he is an excellent painter in his own right”.  He had a natural intuition about how to inspire his students, and Hayley believes he is the most important influence in her education. 

Hayley also talked about how much she loved School.  “It is for life!”, she says. She is passionate about maintaining a deep love and connection with her Lauri friends and even though she is USA-based, is keen to explore how she can support Lauriston art students next year.  

We are so excited that Hayley is keen to give back and offer her wonderful insight and some potential opportunities to our students! 

Another Lauriston alumna, doing her bit, and passionately influencing the next generation of artists.