Digital Fabrication Laboratory

Our FabLearn Lab

We know that future growth areas in the workforce lie in digital technologies and STEM-related work and our students need to be prepared to pursue studies that will lead them into these areas of the workforce.

In Junior School, we have well-developed programs in digital learning to prepare our students to be the creators of technology, not just the users. As girls enter Senior School, their levels of self-confidence in Mathematics, Science and Technology continue to develop. In Years 7 and 8, students can choose electives such as Technology – Fall Fast, Fall Forward, or Make the Machines. Our Year 10 students can choose from electives in Philosophy, STEM: Aviation and Space Science or STEM: Systems Engineering and Year 11s and 12s also have a broad range of STEM-related subjects to choose from.

We help students to pursue their interests in STEM by providing impactful learning experiences which inspire students and instil in them positive views about these subject areas and their ability to achieve and do well in them. This was the impetus to, in partnership with Stanford University Graduate School of Education, create a collaborative setting for open-source technology, digital fabrication, and programming features 3D printers, soldering irons, a laser cutter and power tools.

Known as the FabLearn Lab, since 2013 it has been an important cross-disciplinary learning space from Kindergarten to Year 12, to create, design, problem-solve and engage effectively with STEM to build their confidence and capability to better enable girls to choose tertiary studies and careers related to STEM.