Principal’s Welcome

Principal's Welcome

At Lauriston Girls’ School we take responsibility for one of life’s most important tasks – helping to build future generations of strong, confident women. Tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and doers.  

We nurture these qualities from an early age. From Bush Kinder, sport and music performances to our academic programs and transformative year at Howqua, we offer opportunities and experiences both in and out of the classroom that inspire our girls to be brave, resilient, and willing to see every challenge as opportunity.  

We teach that learning doesn’t end with the submission of an assignment or the passing of an exam. Learning is for life. And ‘success’ is never the end of the story – it’s a launching pad for new discoveries, innovation and understanding.  

The complex world we live in calls for our young women to have a holistic tool set that encompasses not only their intellectual skills but also their social and emotional skills.  Our young women will need to be comfortable with ambiguity and have the skills to navigate their way through complex situations often while working with individuals who have different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Through their learning and co-curricular opportunities, we are preparing our girls for the future.    

As Principal, I look forward to welcoming your family into our strong School community, a community that celebrates diversity and talent and offers a sense of belonging. I look forward to helping your daughter explore the endless opportunities we have to offer and be the very best that she can be. 

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