The Houses

Lauriston’s House system

Lauriston’s House system was introduced in 1930 and was initially named by colours. In 1931 a special ceremony was held and the Houses were presented with pennants by members of the families in whose honour they were named. The House system created more competition for extra-curricular activities, helped younger girls bond with the older ones, and expanded the number of leadership positions.

Andrews House (Blue)

Andrews House was named for three girls – Leura, Dorothy and Annie, daughters of Henry Andrews, businessman and his wife Sarah Meares.

Dorothy was dux of the school in 1910 and 1911 and one of the first prefects. She was the first Lauristonian to graduate from Melbourne University in 1916, where she was the first woman editor of Melbourne University Magazine.

Leura qualified as kindergarten teacher. She was YWCA manager of a leave hostel for women of the British forces in Calcutta, and spent years as community worker in Burma, Colombo and in Australia. She was honoured with Coronation Medal for Services to Victoria in 1952. She was foundation president of the OLA and was active in the OLA dramatic society.

Annie Andrews attended Lauriston the longest and was school captain, tennis and hockey captain. She studied physiotherapy ay Melbourne University and was active in the Victorian Children’s Aid Society, established by her mother.

The first captain of Andrews House was Freda Latham.

Irving House (Gold)

Irving House is named after the Irving sisters not simply because they were the founders and proprietors, but because in the course of its history, Irving girls had been among the school’s best academic and sporting performers.

The first captain of Irving House was Lois Growse.

Kirkhope House (Red)

Kirkhope House was named as a tribute to the seven sisters whose time at Lauriston spanned from 1903 to 1929. Elizabeth, Alice, Margaret, Mary, Jean, Hilda and Isobel were talented in all the domestic arts, especially cooking and needlecraft. 

Margaret, Mary and Isobel attended the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy and Margaret taught there and studied overseas. Mary, a long-time teacher at Emily McPherson, wrote many successful cookery books, and Isobel taught cookery and worked as a journalist with the Star. Alice taught sewing before marrying. Hilda made a career as a horticulturalist and landscape gardener. Elizabeth became the headmistress of Lauriston. 

The first captain of Kirkhope House was Yvonne Levy.

Mitchell House (White)

Mitchell House honoured the Mitchell family. Angus Mitchell endowed two major prizes and his three daughters- Joan Nancy and Marjorie, were valued members of the school community. Joan was an outstanding all-round athlete. She broke the Australian women’s record in the 100 yards sprint at 17 and was asked to train for the Olympic team.

The first captain of Mitchell House was Dorothy Wellington.