Achievement at Lauriston is celebrated in a number of ways. From reaching a personal best to presenting at assembly for the first time to completing the final hike at Howqua, all success – group or individual – is celebrated. Each year we also look forward to celebrating the final results of our graduating class. Receiving these results mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for our girls; the whole community joins together to celebrate the hard work demonstrated by our students and our teachers. 

2018 IB Results

We are very excited to advise the 48 students who completed the IB in 2018 did exceptionally well. Over one in every five students achieved an ATAR equivalent to 99 or above, and an incredible 98% received an ATAR equivalent of 85 or above.

IB ATAR equivalent scores 2011 2018.fw

2018 VCE Results

The hard work of our 69 VCE students in 2018, their teachers and parents has also been rewarded with excellent 2018 VCE results. With 10% of students achieving an ATAR over 99, once again Lauriston students have risen to the challenge and reaped the rewards of their effort.

Nearly one in three girls achieved a score above 95, 42% of girls were in the top 10% of the state with ATAR scores of 90 and above, and the dux was in the top 1% with an ATAR of 99.8.

Percentage ATAR above scores chart for website

2018 Combined VCE and IB Results

The graduating class of 2018 achieved fantastic results, with 77% of students achieving an ATAR of 80.00 or above. The median ATAR achieved was 93.30 and overall:

  • 15% of students were in the top 1% of the state with an ATAR of 99 and above
  • 41% of students were in the top 5% of the state with an ATAR of 95 and above
  • 64% of students were in the top 10% of the state with an ATAR of 90 and above

These strong results reinforce the merit of our approach to support every student to find her individual strengths and passions. Lauriston’s impressive results in VCE and IB reinforce the depth of both programs and the wonderful work of students, teachers and parents.

Combined ATARs VCE and IB 2011 2018.fw