Achievement at Lauriston is celebrated in a number of ways. From reaching a personal best to presenting at assembly for the first time to completing the final hike at Howqua, all success – group or individual – is celebrated. Each year we also look forward to celebrating the final results of our graduating class. Receiving these results mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for our girls; the whole community joins together to celebrate the hard work demonstrated by our students and our teachers. 

The outstanding results of the Class of 2019 come from a cohesive group of girls who are curious and willing to engage in all the opportunities they encounter. These intellectually curious girls supported one another all year and kept up their commitment to participate in all forms of school life.  Whether it was playing hockey or singing in the choir, debating or art, these activities helped them stay focused.

Our girls should feel proud that they have undertaken their responsibilities with enthusiasm and courage and left a positive legacy for the Class of 2020.

Class of 2019 

The Class of 2019 achieved some outstanding results. These strong results reinforce the merit of our approach to support every student to find her individual strengths and passions and illustrate the depth and diversity of both programs.  


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For reference an ATAR is the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank and is used for university entrance.


IB Dux: Lara Bennett

Lara Bennett Dux 


Lara Bennett, IB Dux and our 2019 School Co-Captain, joined Lauriston in Year 5. Her passion for community is reflected in her numerous achievements at School and beyond. She loved participating in school sport, musicals and plays, as well as being a member of various choirs. Lara has also volunteered weekly with St Johns ambulance for several years.

Lara’s perfect score of 99.95 means that she will go on to study Medicine and pursue her ambition to become a paediatric dermatologist.



VCE Dux: Reesa Navani 

Reesa Navani DUX 2



Reesa graduated last year as our VCE Dux with a score of 99.85. She was also the proud recipient of a Premier’s Top All-Round VCE High Achievers Award, awarded to students who have achieved study scores of 46 or higher in at least five VCE studies. A total of only 28 students were recognised as Top All-Round VCE High Achievers.

Reesa’s contribution to Lauriston was invaluable, both academically and within the broader School community. She was the recipient of many academic distinctions as well as being awarded School Prizes for Literature, Chinese and English. Reesa was also Captain of Debating and Public Speaking, and her enthusiasm and skill were evident at numerous events such as Lauriston’s TedX, Australian Rostrum Voice of Youth and DAV Public Speaking.

Reesa is currently studying Medicine, but she is also passionate about gender equity, literature and the nuances of language. She attributes her wide-ranging interests to the wonderful diversity of the Lauriston community and the opportunities given to the students to pursue passions outside of the classroom.


Other outstanding achievements

One of the greatest attributes of Lauriston is the breadth of its programs and the diversity and inclusiveness of its community. Following is a snapshot of some of our Class of 2019 students and their achievements during their School journey.

  • Sports star Jayde Cosgrove represented Australia in the 2019 Multisport World Championships. Jayde came 8th in her Aquathlon event, qualifying for the World Championships in 2020.
  • Our 2019 Music Captain Charlotte Roberts has performed in Lauriston musicals and concerts since Year 1 and has been accepted into the VCA. We look forward to seeing this rising star onstage in the near future.
  • Shreya Mishra has been shortlisted in Top Arts 2020
  • Emma Ren, Nikita Bulach and Carmen Umbers each completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. A deserving result from many years of commitment.
  • During their time of Year 12 learning, all of our girls conducted over 1000 combined hours of community service.

Reflection from our 2019 School Captains

School Captains

Our captains are encouraged to lead by example and in 2019 our School Captains, Lara Bennett and Lier Deng, chose ‘Ohana’ as their theme.

‘Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian, to include not only one’s immediate family but also friends and neighbours. Lauriston’s greatest strength is its community, its family, and we wanted to emphasise and encourage this across all aspects of School in our approach to leadership.

We have learned that leadership is not only about implementing the changes you want to see, but about guiding and helping others reach their full potential by equipping them with the right tools to do so.

Leadership is any action, that makes the world a better place and empowers and inspires people to strive to be their best and make a positive change. It’s often about taking risks and challenging the norm in order to achieve your goals and make a difference. It has been an honour being able to do that and to fuel the drive that is so clearly within all the girls in our Lauriston ohana.

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