At Lauriston, we celebrate all achievements. From reaching a personal best in academics or sport to presenting at assembly for the first time to completing the final hike at Howqua, all success – group or individual – is recognised and congratulated. Each year we also look forward to celebrating the final results of our graduating class. Receiving these results mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for our girls; the whole community joins together to celebrate the hard work demonstrated by our students and our teachers.

We’re incredibly proud of our class of 2020. Our students supported one another during a year when their challenges were more than usual. They learned how open communication and strong relationships with each other and their teachers is integral to everyone’s success.

They have left a memorable legacy for the Class of 2021.

Class of 2020

With more than half of our students ranking in the top 10% of the state, our girls have shown remarkable resilience and commitment to their education, particularly given the challenging 2020 learning environment.

These results reinforce the merit of our individualised goal setting and learning programs, and the dedication of our teachers who support each student to achieve her own personal highest. 

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For reference an ATAR is the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank and is used for university entrance.


 IB Dux: Felicity Hu

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Felicity’s diligence, maturity and hard work has paid off, with her perfect IB score of 45 (ATAR equivalent of 99.95) making her our IB Dux. Felicity has been the recipient of academic distinctions in Science, Mathematics, French and English. She has also been awarded the Mathematics Encouragement Award and the Lauriston Writing Prize.


She was involved in many House sporting events, choirs and ensembles, and her concern for our school community shone through in 2020 when she supported activities aimed to boost the morale of our students during home learning.


Felicity was offered the Chancellor’s Scholarship in Science at the University of Melbourne with a post-graduate pathway into Medicine.

 VCE Dux: Claire Lin

Claire Lin 3



Claire graduated in 2020 as our VCE Dux with a score of 99.8. Known for her focus and dedication, Claire’s consistent application to her studies has resulted in her receiving academic distinctions for Science, Mathematics, Art and Visual Communications. She participated in our Lauriston Voices choir and achieved a distinction for her participation in our Orchestra.


Claire is exploring her passion for Maths and Science through studying Science at the University of Melbourne.


Other outstanding achievements

The following students' achievements both in 2020 and throughout their School life is a testament to the breadth of Lauriston’s programs and the diversity and inclusiveness of our students.

  • Alicia Chan is an impressive young violinist who rose through the ranks of Lauriston’s string ensembles to lead the Orchestra in her final year. She also took an active role in the creation of a combined schools orchestra, organised and conducted entirely by students, raising money for the Starlight Foundation in 2021
  • Charlie Sutterby, Charlotte Graham and Amy Sandles achieved outstanding grades in their VCE Drama performance examinations and as a result will all perform at VCAA’s Top Class Drama and Theatre Studies performances on 9 and 10 March
  • Zoe Parker Nentis has been invited to exhibit her set design portfolio for Theatre Studies at Top Designs at the Melbourne Museum from 17 April to 11 July
  • Amy Sandles also attended the Biology Olympiad Summer School after an outstanding performance in the Australian Olympiad – Biology Competition
  • Anna Mitchell completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. A deserving result from many years of commitment
  • Cheerleading star Madi Mursell was invited to represent Australia at the 2020 World Dance Championships in Orlando, although she couldn’t attend due to travel restrictions. She also placed first in the senior division for diving in 2020.


Reflection from our 2020 School Captains

Our School Captains are encouraged to lead by example. In 2020 our Captains’ theme ‘Open Book’ was about cultivating an environment of storytelling to foster a courageous, compassionate and inclusive community.

School Captains

Jessica Detering and Veasna Gunawan

‘We wanted to instil the importance of storytelling. We believe that encouraging storytelling allows people to share moral teachings and embrace a perceived vulnerability. Sharing is an important part of being content and confident with who you are, and it sparks others to open up.

“We believe this theme has had more significance in this year of physical distancing, losses and discomfort, showing us the true importance of being our authentic selves and doing what feels right for us, despite these trying circumstances. It has also become more important than ever to reach out to our friends, given that we were isolated in various suburbs all over Melbourne.

“This year’s circumstances have shown us the amazing and wonderful impact of sharing our thoughts and emotions. We have loved every moment of our Captaincy and are sad to leave it behind us.”


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