Wellbeing wheel


SHINE is what Lauriston calls its wellbeing program.

8 Domains

8 Domains

Eight key elements of student wellbeing have been selected as necessary for personal development for young people.

  • Self-awareness  
  • Healthy
    holistic habits
  • Emotional awareness  
  • Mindsets  
  • Positive direction  
  • Positive
  • Role
  • Looking
The 7cs

The 7cs

Dr Kenneth Ginsburg’s essential building blocks of resilience.

  • Competence  
  • Confidence  
  • Connection  
  • Character  
  • Coping  
  • Control  
  • Contribution  
School values

School Values

The drivers within the school that guide decision making, teaching and learning

  • Relationships  
  • Courage  
  • Creativity  
  • Intellectual
  • Engagement
    in life

Learning the skills of life

Our Wellbeing Program for Years 7–12 is called SHINE – Strength, Health, Inspiring, Nurturing and Engagement.

SHINE strives to assist students to develop the self-confidence and wellbeing tools required to allow them to achieve their academic potential.

This holistic program aims to develop the whole student. It not only looks at Positive Education principles, but also teaches the girls about areas such as time management, study skills and digital literacy.

Each year level has a particular focus, from respectful relationships, communication skills, emotional regulation and awareness, to empathy and mindfulness.

SHINE also incorporates a Peer Support Program, which gives the girls opportunities for leadership, mentoring, friendships and an expanded support network through regular cross-year level activities. This buddy program assists in the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 and Year 11 students are asked to help ‘model’ positive and responsible behaviours.

SHINE is underpinned by our Lauriston school values and Dr Kenneth Ginsburg’s philosophy called the 7c’s, which are considered essential building blocks for resilience. These are taught in age-appropriate ways across both the Junior and Senior Schools.


Our House system is an integral part of our School community.

From Prep to Year 12, each student becomes a member of one of four Houses – Kirkhope, Irving, Andrews and Mitchell – with the aim of creating a supportive and nurturing environment where they can make friendships across year levels, broaden their interests and involvement in the School community, and develop their potential.

There are many friendly House competitions throughout the year such as House sport, debating, public speaking, music and drama, which help to build a strong spirit of camaraderie and community.

In the senior years, each House has a Tutor group, giving students the opportunity to discuss day-to-day concerns with a mentor and their peers, focus on areas of need, such as study skills and managing time and stress, and develop learning goals and leadership skills.


We recognise that the greatest impact we can make is through the provision of passionate and experienced teachers who are dedicated to the growth of your daughter in all aspects of her School life.

We strive to provide a positive learning environment in which all staff assume responsibility for the overall wellbeing of the students in their care; that they provide a nurturing and supportive environment and a sense of belonging.

Year Level Coordinators

Ensure each student’s individual learning goals are being achieved.

Academic Advisors

Provide one-on-one guidance to support students in their Senior years with individual goal setting and study methods, and ensure positive outcomes when faced with challenges.

Individual Differences Staff

Provide extra learning support and guidance where needed.

House Coordinators

Aim to create a sense of belonging and community, a place where the girls feel at home and supported by their peers/community.

Wellbeing Coordinators

Passionate about your daughter’s health and wellbeing. Their proactive pastoral care strategies are aimed at building positive relationships between staff, students and parents to make your daughter’s School journey a positive and enjoyable experience.