Our Results

Celebrating our Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 have demonstrated adaptability, optimism and resilience that has enabled them to embrace their final year of secondary studies, reconnecting with their peers and engaging in campus activity. Every student has been provided with the opportunity to achieve success through the commitment of their teachers, the support of their peers, and our School’s desire to support each individual.

We are excited to share with you the results of our VCE & IB students, of which we are incredibly proud. 

– Our median ATAR for 2022 was 94.93
– 10% of our students received an ATAR of 99 or above
– 21% of our students received an ATAR of 98 or above
– 68% of our students received an ATAR of 90 or above 

“We are so proud of the Class of 2022 and are confident that these young women will find success in all walks of life. I acknowledge everyone for the part they have played in the incredible achievements of our students. In particular, the students themselves who have challenged themselves, encouraging and supporting each other every step of the way.” 
– Susan Just, Principal

VCE Results

With over 60% of our students achieving an ATAR over 90, and 16% achieving an ATAR over 98, our VCE results highlight the strength and breadth of our academic program, our unwavering support for each student’s individual journey, the expertise of our teachers, and the dedication and camaraderie of our girls.

Exceptional scores were achieved across the entire Year 12 cohort with a median ATAR of 92.6.

Five students scored perfect study scores of 50 across a variety of subjects including English, Business Management, Studio Arts and Further Mathematics.

Jessica Wu
ATAR 99.95

We congratulate Jessica for her outstanding commitment to her studies and broader pursuits and are celebrating that she is one of only eight female students across Victoria to receive an ATAR of 99.95!

At the 2022 Valedictory Awards, Jessica was awarded VCE General Excellence Award, the English as a Second Language Award, the Knight Family Award for Chemistry, the Victorian Music Society Award and the Evelyn Munro Award for Biology.

Her pursuit for excellence expanded well beyond the VCE curriculum – as Music Captain, as a valued member of many ensembles and choirs, and as SHINE Captain, supporting her peers and other year levels to also reach their potential.

She also received the Premier’s VCE Study Award for Chinese Second Language Advanced in 2021, as well as a Distinction in the Kangourou sans Frontières (KSF) Senior Maths Competition, the International Chemistry Quiz and for Chemistry in the Australian Science Olympiads.

Ms Elizabeth Tindall, Head of Music, reflected “Throughout her final year, Jess continued to be a strong advocate and leader for music at Lauriston, both in her capacity as Music Captain and through her considerable commitment to a broad range of ensembles. Her skills as a percussionist were evident in multiple performances across the year, especially in our Annual Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre, where Jess featured in six items ranging from Lauriston Orchestra to our Senior Jazz Ensemble. Through her involvement in Music at Lauriston, Jess has demonstrated her capacity to successfully balance a demanding academic workload whilst making a significant contribution to the musical life of our school, gaining skills which will no doubt position her to meet the new challenges which lie ahead with confidence.

IB Results

Lauriston is committed to offering the International Baccalaureate as an alternative program to the VCE, and it has been running at Lauriston for over 30 years. 

With 88% of our IB students achieving an equivalent ATAR over 90, and 48% achieving an equivalent ATAR over 98, our IB results highlight the commitment and organisation demonstrated by our students, and the support they have provided each other and received from our expert educators. 

Strong scores were achieved across the entire cohort with a median score of 39 (97.1 equivalent median ATAR).

Celebrating the breadth and talent of the 2022 cohort, perfect subject scores were achieved in a range of LOTE, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Literature and Visual Arts subjects.

Yuting (Abigale) Fu
IB Score 45

Jasmine Wong
IB Score 45

We congratulate Abigale and Jasmine who are our 2022 IB Duces, each achieving a perfect score of 45 (ATAR equivalent of 99.95)

Both students have shown great commitment to their studies throughout their journey at Lauriston, held positions of leadership and were keen participants in a range of co-curricular programs.

Abigale was awarded the Lauriston Arts’ Association Acquisition Award in 2022 for her magnificent work. She also received an IB Excellence Award at the 2022 Valedictory.  Abigale has been involved in our debating and music program during her time at Lauriston and held the position of Orchestra Captain.

Jasmine has been involved in our music program over a number of years and was also the Orchestra Captain. She has participated in our sport program during her time at Lauriston and received an IB Excellence Award at the 2022 Valedictory.

We also congratulate Angela Weng who achieved an IB score of 44, Selina Richter who achieved an IB score of 43, and Lingyan (Coco) Chen and Jingjing (Julia) Guo, who both achieved an IB score of 42.

Creative talent in the VCE Season of Excellence

The annual Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) VCE Season of Excellence showcases a sample of outstanding students, comprising of Top Class, Top Acts, Top Designs, Top Arts, Top Talks and Top Screen, presented from February to June. Several students from the Class of 2022 have been shortlisted for the 2023 Season of Excellence, taking them through to the next round of assessment. We congratulate these students for this recognition by the VCAA, and for their commitment to their work. 

  • Top Designs: Sasha Joe
  • Top Arts: Lilith Pett
  • Top Arts: Alexandra Pye
  • Top Arts: Stephanie Smith
  • Top Arts: Nicole Zhao
  • Top Class: Eleanor Suttie
  • Top Class: Tegan Gheri

Read more about their creative submissions

A snapshot of the breadth of passions, pursuits and talent across the Class of 2022

The Class of 2022, while simultaneously sharing some of the experiences of pandemic impacts with their predecessors, are uniquely different and have defined their final year of secondary study with renewed energy, a collective gratitude for peer support, and wholeheartedly engaging in the diverse subjects, co-curricular programs, and activities that Lauriston has to offer. Lauriston commends the cohort for taking on 2022 with determination and fortitude, and we’re pleased to share further insights into some of these students’ journeys, and reflections made by staff members.

Lauriston also acknowledges the following students for receiving early offers from tertiary institutions, demonstrating the determination required to take this initial step towards defining their future selves:

  • Anna Berkowitz | ANU, Science
  • Alicia Fox | ANU, Engineering with Honours
  • Alice Flitman | ANU, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Julia Guo | ANU, Arts/Business Science
  • Alexandra Pye | VCA Visual Arts Drawing and Printmaking
  • Coco Smith | ANU, Science and Bond University, Exercise and Sport Science
  • Sara Taylor | VCA, Film and TV
  • Laura Venn | ANU, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Nicole Zhao | University of Melbourne, Fine Arts; RMIT, Animation and Interactive Media; AIE, 3D Animation and VFX

Lauriston commends the cohort for taking on 2022 with determination and fortitude, and we’re pleased to share further insights into some of these students’ journeys, and reflections made by staff members.

Alicia Fox: IB

Alicia embodied the philosophy of an all-rounder, with her pursuits including several sports, being cast in the Senior Musical and participating in the Student Representative Council. Her passion for history saw her awarded the Hiller Family Award for History, as well as the IB General Excellence Award and the Caltex Best All Rounder Award. Her early offer to the Australian National University demonstrates her commitment to pursuing many interests and a diverse skill set.

Alicia is an inquisitive and hardworking student whose enthusiasm for the Humanities has been an inspiration. As part of the International Baccalaureate cohort, she embraced the challenges of the History course to produce academic work of sophistication and maturity. She will be an asset to any discipline she commits to in the future”. – Mr Edward Harris, IB History Teacher

Tegan Gheri: VCE

Tegan’s journey at Lauriston has allowed her to explore and develop an array of interests, as demonstrated by a demanding mix of subjects including Psychology, Theatre Studies and Physical Education. Her enthusiasm and support for her peers demonstrated her natural leadership ability which will no doubt stand her in good stead as she looks to explore the world and to deepen her love of English by studying journalism.

Looking to the future, Tegan said “I’m most looking forward to experiencing life at university and diving deeper into my passions and interests. I’m beyond excited to meet new people, participate in new activities and learn more about myself outside the gates of Lauriston. I’m also looking forward to traveling with my friends and family and experiencing new and exciting aspects of our world. Lauriston has prepared me with the tools I need to undertake these new experiences and I can’t wait to see which pathway I end up taking in 2023.”

Tegan has been a student of Lauriston Girls’ School since Prep and it was wonderful that she concluded her senior year as Co-School Captain. Tegan is a young person who embodies the Lauriston Values. She is an intellectually curious student and it was a pleasure to watch her Theatre Monologue. She has made a broad range of friends and demonstrates enjoyment in getting to know students in every year level. She has always been fully engaged in the life of our School and her interests have been broad and varied. We will all miss her optimism and positive energy.” – Ms Susan Just, Principal

Selina Richter: IB

Selina’s passions for literature, poetry and public speaking have been clear throughout her time at Lauriston, in addition to receiving accolades in the wider community, winning the Senior Secondary Poetry Prize at the Glen Eira Council annual literary competition in 2022. In addition to her leadership roles, being a valued member of the Lauriston Orchestra and the Peer Support program, Selina’s dedication to her studies were rewarded in many forms at the 2022 Valedictory Awards Ceremony.

As Co-School Captain in her senior year, Selina demonstrated the values that we hold dear at Lauriston Girls’ School. Selina has been involved in a broad range of co-curricular activities during her years at Lauriston and I have particular memories of her participation in various music ensembles. Selina is a kind and generous young woman who values her relationships with peers and teachers”. – Ms Susan Just, Principal

I have had the pleasure of working with Selina as an IBDP student, an outstanding student leader and have also taught her in English and Literature for three years. Selina is a very caring, thoughtful and genuine person. She is a beautiful creative writer, composing award winning poetry and she was the recipient of the prize this year for IBDP Literature. Selina has developed lasting bonds of friendship with her peers and teachers and is extremely generous in the kind words and thoughts she extends towards others. She has plans to pursue medicine and has applied to James Cook University in Queensland. I am hopeful that she will also continue to pursue her love of reading and writing in the future.” – Ms Sandra McCowan, IBD Coordinator

Coco Smith: VCE

Coco has been a very active student within the Sport program at Lauriston, participating in a large range of sports, both competitive and recreational. Although Coco is an all-rounder, she has excelled in Netball and Swimming where she competed for the school in the Girls Sport Victoria competitions and state competitions. Her passion resulted in leadership roles in Swimming and Netball, as well as House Captain of Irving. Coco’s early offers from both Bond University and The Australian National University, combined with an opportunity to play in Netball Queensland’s Sapphire League, is testament to the dedication and perseverance that Coco has shown throughout her time at Lauriston. As a second-generation Lauristonian, Coco proudly continues a strong connection to Lauriston sport, as did her mother Sarah Smith (Class of 1989).

Head Coach of Netball, Ms Kellie Presnell reflected “It was a privilege to coach Coco for Senior GSV Netball this year. She is an outstanding athlete with a warm leadership style and a great sense of humour. Coco’s contributions to the wider school community have been appreciated and admired by those lucky enough to work with her. She can reflect on feedback and has been a wonderful role model to her peers. Coco has an incredibly bright future ahead of her and on behalf of the Lauriston Sport Community, we wish her well in her future endeavours.

Coco recalls one of her favourite memories at Lauriston as “winning the Heyington Huntingtower Shield AFL game in 2022. The sound of the final buzzer accompanied by the huge amount of Lauriston girls sprinting onto the field was the greatest feeling ever. The support that was felt for the whole team was truly amazing.”

Laura: IB

Laura’s global mindset and genuine care for others has been evident throughout her time at Lauriston, with achievements across debating, poetry, peer support, community service and many co-curricular clubs. In addition to completing a challenging mix of IB subjects, Laura was awarded the Debating Distinction in 2021, in addition to being a valued member of the Anthem Choir. 

Ms Sandra McCowan, IBD Coordinator, highlighted that “Laura is a highly independent and mature person with an abiding interest in world affairs. She has been a very loyal and genuine supporter of other girls in the year group and always brings a sensible and informed voice to discussions about politics and history in the classroom.