Our Mission and Values

It is our mission to inspire Lauriston girls to be courageous lifelong learners. They are ethical and compassionate young women who seek to resolve new-world problems and strive to be responsible, global citizens working with others to shape their world.

Our vision is to be a School for Life.

Learning programs at Lauriston Girls’ School are based around the School’s five core values:


We communicate openly, honestly and respectfully allowing us to have meaningful connections with each other in the community and beyond. We foster a culture of optimism, collaboration and celebration.


We are courageous in our approach to managing change; embracing physical, moral and intellectual challenges; and standing up for what we believe. Courage enables us to understand our strengths and act accordingly.

Please watch our video on courage to learn more.


We approach learning and teaching with creativity as our cornerstone. We are imaginative, inventive and entrepreneurial. We are open to and champion new ideas and new ways.

Intellectual curiosity​

We engage proactively with the world; determined to better understand, reflect upon and question ourselves,our experiences and the society in which we live. We are critically engaged and curious about all that we encounter and learn.

Engagement In Life

 We learn how to connect with others, manage the highs and lows and reap the rewards of our commitment by our purposeful engagement in all aspects of school life. We are motivated to participate and respond to changes in our world.