Junior School FAQs

How can I enrol my daughter in primary school at Lauriston? ​

Lauriston makes it easy to enrol at primary school through completing our Application for Admission.

We encourage all new families to begin the application process for entry to Lauriston as soon as possible. Applications are accepted at any year level depending on vacancies however, we currently have waiting lists for entry into several year levels and families are encouraged to apply early. In Victoria, students must be 5 years of age on or before 30 April in order to commence Prep.

Students on a temporary residency visa are required to follow the steps under ‘International Enrolments How to Apply’

What do I need to consider when choosing Lauriston for my primary school aged daughter?​

We provide a personalised teaching and learning program in primary school at Lauriston. This means that our teachers take the time to get to know your daughter and design her learning tasks and goals so that her strengths are extended and she is supported where she needs it.

We use a variety of group and individual tasks and teach in different styles to give every student the opportunity to learn in their specific way.

You can find out more about our personalised learning program on the Junior School page on our website.

What are the benefits of an all girl primary school?​

This is a question we are asked often and something we are passionate about. There is simply no doubt that single-sex education benefits girls. Research shows that girls thrive in an all-girls environment — they do better academically, socially and emotionally.

Every aspect of teaching and learning is tailored to the needs of girls, developing their confidence and empowering them to pursue any direction their talents lead them.

You can read research and articles about the benefits of an all-girls education for your daughter on the Why choose a girls’ school? page on our website

What curriculum do you teach in Junior School at Lauriston?

During primary school, there is a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, as well as specialist and enrichment programs. Lauriston is accredited to deliver the Australian Developmental Curriculum (ADC) and the program runs in Prep and Year 1. The ADC emphasises skill development and acquisition of understanding through a balanced curriculum that actively engages children in investigations, play and explicit teaching.

Using inquiry based learning, girls from Years 2 to 6 participate in a range of projects that teach through asking questions, problem solving, making and remaking things and reflecting on outcomes. Our teachers view mistakes as opportunities to learn and we encourage all our students to develop a mindset which believes that everyone’s ability can improve over time.

As students move through primary school at Lauriston they are taught and encouraged to take on more leadership roles. Our leadership programs focus on developing the organisational skills, responsibility, teamwork and public speaking.

You can find out more about our primary school programs on our Junior School page.

Why is Lauriston the best private primary school for my daughter?​

Lauriston not only consistently ranks in the top schools in Victoria for our Year 12 results, it also consistently performs well above average on NAPLAN scores each year. We believe our unique combination of best practice teaching and learning, continuously innovating our curriculum and providing support structures that help each student to improve over time sets them up to be academically successful.

We are also committed to building our students’ character. From explicitly teaching social skills in our wellbeing programs and encouraging our students to participate fully in co-curricular activities, to challenging them with leadership opportunities from Year 2, we expect our students to persevere, right wrongs and contribute to an ever changing world.

To find out more about our results and student outcomes, read our most recent Annual Report.