Senior School FAQs

Is Lauriston one of the best high schools in Melbourne?

Lauriston consistently ranks in the top schools in Victoria for our Year 12 results. We believe our unique combination of best practice teaching and learning, innovative curriculum and support structures that help each student to improve over time, sets them up to be academically successful.

We are also committed to building our students’ character. From explicitly teaching social skills in our wellbeing programs and encouraging our students to participate fully in co-curricular activities, to challenging them through our unique Howqua Year 9 program, we expect our students to persevere when things get difficult, right wrongs and contribute to an ever changing world.

To find out more about our results and student outcomes, read our most recent Annual Report.

How do I apply for high school at Lauriston?

Lauriston makes it easy to enrol at high school through completing our Application for Admission.

We encourage all new families to begin the application process for entry to Lauriston as soon as possible. Applications are accepted at any year level depending on vacancies however, we currently have waiting lists for entry into several year levels and families are encouraged to apply early.

Students on a temporary residency visa are required to follow the steps under ‘International Enrolments How to Apply

Why should I choose Lauriston as a high school for my daughter?

At Lauriston we understand that learning doesn’t occur without wellbeing. So we work hard to ensure academic success by hiring supportive teachers who are invested in our students and explicitly teach them how to be resilient, connect with their peers, and contribute to the community where they live and learn.

This educational philosophy is implemented in every year, but are most prominently displayed during our unique Year 9 program when students live on our Howqua campus in the Victorian High Country. There they learn a full academic curriculum as well as how to live together in a tight-knit community and support each other through a challenging outdoor program.

Through other Secondary School years, our WellbeingSport and Community Service programs, and our innovative curriculum, are all designed to maximise her results.

What does being an open enrolment private school mean for Lauriston?

Lauriston is an independent, non-denominational, non-selective high school located in Armadale in Melbourne’s inner South East.

That means that we receive most of our income from fees rather than public funds, are overseen by a School Council, and accept students based their values and aspirations, not on their religious beliefs or academic abilities. Students of all backgrounds, faiths and abilities attend Lauriston.

What are the benefits of an all girls high school?

This is a question we are asked often and something we are passionate about. There is simply no doubt that single-sex education benefits girls. Research shows that girls thrive in an all-girls environment — they do better academically, socially and emotionally. Every aspect of teaching and learning is tailored to the needs of girls, developing their confidence and empowering them to pursue any direction their talents lead them.

You can read research and articles about the benefits of an all-girls education for your daughter on the Why choose a girls’ school? page on our website.